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Email Notification campaigns in WebLaunch can range from very simple to highly sophisticated...

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MessageSpectrum provides globally accessible secure webmail service...

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MessageSpectrum's WebLaunch™ platform offers the ability to send voice messages...

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MessageSpectrum offers the latest fax broadcasting technology to help marketers...

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Text messaging or SMS (Short Messaging Service) has exploded in popularity in recent years...

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Listening to patients' views is essential to providing a patient-centred health service...

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Email Notification campaigns in WebLaunch can range from very simple to highly sophisticated but whatever your objectives, MESSAGESPECTRUM email marketing solutions like WebLaunch can help you create, launch and manage customized email marketing campaigns. Our strong relations with ISPs ensure optimal deliverability and we ensure your emails comply with the latest CAN SPAM legislation.

MESSAGESPECTRUM email marketing services encompass all the features other email marketing service providers offer such as automating multi-stage campaigns but with the added bonus that 'triggers' can also be used to send voice calls and SMS text messages as well as follow-up emails.

Using the email marketing campaign feature in WebLaunch in conjunction with our other applications to maximize your results. Want to have the very best information on every contact in your email marketing database? Use the MESSAGESPECTRUM Profiler tool. Want to capture customer data for market surveys or feedback? Use the MESSAGE SPECTRUM e-survey application.

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Email Notification Features

User-friendly interface
Easy-to-use HTML editor takes you through email marketing campaigns with an intuitive step-by-step approach; set up an email marketing campaign in minutes, and deliver multiple email marketing messages to multiple lists with just a few clicks!.

Review and proofing
Fast, real-time online review and proofing helps maintain copy professionalism and consistency.

Maximum deliverability & compliance
MESSAGESPECTRUM works in conjunction with ISPs to ensure that email marketing campaigns are delivered, not blacklisted. Your campaigns will be CAN-SPAM compliant, and will feature an automated opt-out database.

Automated campaign management
Set up to manage your entire marketing campaign automating multiple stages and follow-ups.

Personalization & dynamic content
Send personalized content to specific recipients based on demographic or other contact data.

Campaign segmentation tools
Dedupe, filter and search capabilities allow you to segment email marketing campaigns to targeted recipients.

Automated opt-in/opt-out database
Save time by managing mundane email marketing tasks without oversight.

Unsubscribe feedback loop
Customizable questions coupled with triggers allow you to find out exactly why a customer unsubscribes.

Viral Forwarding
Embed our 'Forward to a Friend' link in your emails and expand readership of your messaging through viral forwarding. Our reporting suite will track all forwards so you can see exactly how far your message reached.

Detailed reporting
Real-time analytics help you improve current and future email marketing campaigns. See data on click-throughs, emails sent and opened or bounced, as well as unsubscribes and forwards. Tracks activity related to attachments, landing page links and integrated surveys.

Manage failed email marketing transmissions by automating follow-up.

List, file and document management
Merge documents with distribution lists and deliver sample proofs for approval. Receive alerts for potential merge-related issues. Take advantage of storage of HTML documents, images and up-to-date, opted-in lists that are searchable. Launch campaigns from one or multiple lists.
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