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Email Notification campaigns in WebLaunch can range from very simple to highly sophisticated...

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SecureMessage SECURE EMAIL

MessageSpectrum provides globally accessible secure webmail service...

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MessageSpectrum's WebLaunch™ platform offers the ability to send voice messages...

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MessageSpectrum offers the latest fax broadcasting technology to help marketers...

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Text messaging or SMS (Short Messaging Service) has exploded in popularity in recent years...

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Listening to patients' views is essential to providing a patient-centred health service...

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About Us
“MessageSpectrum has a strong history of reliably delivering Healthcare Messaging via hosted business messaging services. The broad scope of WebLaunch’s capabilities (fax, email, voice, and SMS broadcast services) is a strong differentiator for the company. The technical architecture of the WebLaunch application is solid, secure, encrypted and it leverages contemporary approaches to system design and coding. Message Spectrum solution meets all criteria of HIPAA Privacy Act for confidential messaging.

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Clinicspectrum, Inc. began 13 years ago as Healthcare Solution provider. The technology in healthcare is fastest emerging and changing one of our time. MessageSpectrum evolved to face utmost challenge in healthcare messaging with simplicity, security and privacy.

Through our work in developing customized applications we have developed marketing and messaging services expressly designed for the following industries: Healthcare and Legal departments. Contact us today to discuss how we can work with you to create solutions that address your specific objectives.

Multichannel Messaging from One Platform

The MessageSpectrum WebLaunch platform is loaded with features and applications designed to attract prospects and engage customers to take their relationship with you to a deeper level. You will update and expand your database with vital information about your contacts more easily than you ever thought possible using our easy-to-use list management tools. Using a combination of email marketing, automated voice calling, fax broadcasting and SMS text messaging you can empower your customers to choose the how they receive the messages they want. Plus with our trigger feature you can build automated multi-stage campaigns.

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