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Email Notification campaigns in WebLaunch can range from very simple to highly sophisticated...

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MessageSpectrum provides globally accessible secure webmail service...

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MessageSpectrum's WebLaunch™ platform offers the ability to send voice messages...

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MessageSpectrum offers the latest fax broadcasting technology to help marketers...

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Text messaging or SMS (Short Messaging Service) has exploded in popularity in recent years...

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Listening to patients' views is essential to providing a patient-centred health service...

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MessageSpectrum's WebLaunch™ platform offers the ability to send voice messages to recipients phones (land lines or cell phones) in bulk, to one or many lists, at the touch of a button. From emergency alerts to celebrity promotions - the applications are endless.

Our easy-to-use voice messaging campaign system in WebLaunch™ offers three easy ways to upload audio messages;

1. Online upload via WAV format.
2. Call into our toll free number to record your message using our phone-based studio.
3. Use our text-to-speech tool.

We make it easy to manage sophisticated voice broadcasting campaigns from concept to delivery in just a few simple steps. You can even choose to deliver a different message to an answering machine than to to a live person. Better yet, use our 'hot key' transfer to deliver an automated call that allows the recipient to hit a button for transfer to an inbound call center or other number you designate. Our online reporting suite allows you to track the success of your voice messaging campaigns in real time.Furthermore, you can combine voice messages as follow-up to other media using BLI triggers.

Check out our Voice Broadcasting demo by clicking here or contact us to learn more!

Voice Broadcasting Features

User-friendly interface
Easy-to-use interface guides you through voice broadcasting campaigns with an intuitive step-by-step approach, allowing you to create voice messaging campaigns in minutes.

Using voice concatenation, you can insert voice clips to personalize a voice message or use text to speech for salutations or other data specific to each recipient.

Distinctive response-based messaging
Customizable message delivery based upon the status of the connected call. Affords the ability to deliver an alternate message to answering machines than for a human pickup.

List, file and recording management
Online storage of up-to-date lists (that are searchable) along with online storage of and access to voice message files.

Set start date and time to begin sending voice broadcasting campaigns immediately or at a later date; re-schedule failed voice calls for multiple re-dials at set frequencies.

Hot key transfer
BLI's WebLaunch™ Voice broadcasting enables call recipients to instantly connect to an assigned person or extension at the touch of a button.

Call throttling
Set the right time for your calls to go out. Our voice broadcasting service allows you to either send them all at once or “trickle” them out, allowing for proper response management at your end.
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