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Email Notification campaigns in WebLaunch can range from very simple to highly sophisticated...

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SecureMessage SECURE EMAIL

MessageSpectrum provides globally accessible secure webmail service...

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MessageSpectrum's WebLaunch™ platform offers the ability to send voice messages...

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MessageSpectrum offers the latest fax broadcasting technology to help marketers...

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Text messaging or SMS (Short Messaging Service) has exploded in popularity in recent years...

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Listening to patients' views is essential to providing a patient-centred health service...

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Appointment Reminders
  • We interface with most of the Practice Management and EHR system to extract Appointment Informa tion through HL7 messages.
  • Appointment notifications can be sent through SMS or VOICE or Email. Provider’s offices can create age specific rules or provide an option for patients’ to elect the preferred method of communication.

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Diagnostic and Laboratory Test results Notifications
  • Most of the medical offices don’t notify patients for normal test results. They inform patients’ to call back in 7 business days after Lab Test or any other Diagnostic Tests done within office. This results into extra phone calls and frustrations.
  • With MessageSpectrum, you can seamlessly notify patients for all test results through text messages which is the most direct approach. You can alternatively send email notifi cations and/or Voice Messages.

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Patient outreach for clinical trials and healthcare quality improvement programs
  • MessageSpectrum allows you to reach out to patients for Clinical Trials. Your clinical trial or EHR system will short list patients’ that qualify for TRIAL cases. You can automatically reach out for counseling sessions through our integrated Messaging Solutions.
  • We work with various Healthcare Organization in conducting Healthcare Surveys for Quality Improvements.

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Revenue Cycle Messaging
  • High Deductible and High Patient balances create a major gap in revenue cycle. You can reach out and inform patients’ in advance for their HIGH unmet deductible and balances prior to appointments.
  • It is common practice for patients’ to forget sending Clinical Questionnaire and pre ex questionnaire. This is another reason for major delay in claims processing, you can automate this process with out Messaging solutions.

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Electronic Statements
  • Future of Healthcare Technology is to reach out patients through Electronic Medium.
  • Large Healthcare Organizations’ have eliminated processing paper statements for patient balances. They send the statements electronically through SECURE email and/or Secure hyperlink that connects to server for accessing patient statements.

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Practice and/ or Facility Marketing Programs
  • Our integrated messaging solutions can help your facility market your services to other physicians' , health care institutions and patients.
  • We can implement custom designed marketing plan to conduct email campaign, fax campaign and voice broadcast.

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